Capoeira: Martial art, fitness, culture

Capoeira Brasil Burbank is an extension of the CBLA family led by Instrutor Quebrado. We are supervised by Formanda Pavão, Formando Chegado, and renowned Capoeira master, Mestre Boneco.

The art of Capoeira is dance – fight – game – music – culture and tradition. It is a fluid series of agile, acrobatic, and martial movements linked together to form a unique and organic game. This graceful martial art is “played” in the roda, the circle where training manifests into strategic games between two practitioners. These “games” are an intricate exchange of circular and straight kicks, escapes, sweeps, takedowns, and gymnastic flourishes accompanied by the traditional sounds of the berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro.


Berimbaus for sale

We currently have some berimbaus for sale – Brazilian beribas, unpainted/varnished, clean tones.

Check out other items for sale in our online store (coming soon!) or contact Quebrado for more information.