Instrutor Quebrado

Antranik Anthony K, known as Quebrado in the Capoeira world, has a passion for the movements, music and global community associated with this unique martial art. Training with Formandos Pavão and Chegado of Grupo Capoeira Brasil since 2006 under the supervision of Mestre Boneco, Quebrado is now leading classes in Burbank, CA. 

Quebrado received his nickname, which means broken in Portuguese, because he came to Capoeira with a background in breakdancing.  His experience with breakdancing and karate gave him a good foundation for the movements of Capoeira, but it was his daily dedication to training and studying Capoeira that truly helped him progress. 

In addition to the classes he holds in Burbank, Quebrado also travels the world to develop his Capoeira knowledge and share what he has learned through teaching. He has lead classes in Lebanon (where he grew up), Mexico, China, Indonesia, and Brazil, to name a few.  

Instructor Quebrado’s classes are challenging but accessible to Capoeiristas of all levels.  He welcomes all students, whether beginner or experienced, to take class and be a part of the Capoeira community.