Introduction To Balões with Formando Chegado (CBLA)
4:00 PM16:00

Introduction To Balões with Formando Chegado (CBLA)


Introduction To Balões with Formando Chegado (CBLA)
at Capoeira Brasil Burbank
Saturday February 16th at 4:00pm

Open to all groups & all Level
Workshop Fee $20
No Abadas for this workshop
Venmo, Cash or Credit
What is Balão
Balão translates literally to balloon with the plural being Balões.
However, that is not what we ususally think of when we refer to a Balão in the capoeira context.

In the capoeira context, a balão, of which there are various, is a type of partner throw that involves acrobatic skills to be developed by both partners that participate in the skill. Mestre Bimba added various balões to his capoeira regional.
He also a sequence of balões that are known as the 'cintura desprezada’ sequence which is a series of ‘balões acinturados’, that graduated students perform while the rhythm of Iúna is played on the berimbau.

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to Sep 30

20th International Capoeira Festival - CBLA

  • Capoeira Brasil Los Angeles (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

For more detailed information and schedule, visit the event page on Facebook.

This year’s special guests include:
Mestre Jelon - Capoeira Luanda, NY/Salvador
Mestre Paulão - Capoeira Brasil, Hungary
Mestre Itabora - Capoeira Brasil, SF, CA- USA
Mestre Peixe - Capoeira Brasil, Sydney - Australia 
Mestre Casquinha - Capoeira Apêiara - Nicosia, Cyprus 
Mestre Morcego - Capoeira Brasil, RJ - Brasil
Mestre Pinga Fogo - Ginga Brasil, Austin, TX - USA
Mestre Recruta - United Capoeira Association, SF, CA - USA
Mestre Xango - Cordão de Ouro, Oakland, CA - USA
Contramestre Toicinho - Capoeira Angola. São Paulo - Brasil 
Contramestre Raphael Xikarangoma - São Paulo, Brasil
Formanda Joy - Capoeira Brasil, New York - USA
Formando Tuzinho - Capoeira Brasil, Connecticut - USA
Formando Currupio - Capoeira Brasil, Santa Cruz, CA
Professora Cocada - UCA Berkeley, CA

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CBLA Batizado Benefit Party

Help us raise funds for the upcoming 20th International Capoeira Festival !  

Join the CBLA squad for a family friendly afternoon of all-star DJs, live music, performances, arts & crafts, yummy BBQ, speciality drinks, raffle prizes, jumper (for the kids!), photo booth and much more!

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